Bandung Tempo Doeloe

18 09 2007

Dikutip dari milis Buginese. Foto-foto Bandung jaman baheula, saat masih jadi Parijs Van Java. Bukan Parit van Java lho.

Living in the past..

Imagine if we live in the past, Bandung in 1930’s, with all of its beauty and quietness.. 

walk around grootepostweg (Asia Afrika street)..

or take the horse cart and feel the windy ride..

via the intersection of bragaweg with grootepostweg..

or we can ride our bicycle around Banceuy..

send the postcard in the big post office building to the love ones..

see Charlie Chaplin’s movie in Elita, the most luxurious movie theater in alun-alun..

stay one night in the old Grand Hotel Homann..

or in the beautiful old Preanger Hotel.. (and try one of their lovely cars?)

feel the quietness of prapatan lima..

meet a friend in HBS at bilitonstraat (now SMA3)..

or take a picture with 4 of your good friends in the front of THS (now ITB) at Ganeca street…

 passing by Riau straat, green and shady..

see the old train goes by across viaduct.. nice view with the lovely buildings in the background..




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24 09 2007
Tjahjokartiko SI 76

BACK TO THE FUTURE: IA ITB Kaltim sanggup mengendalikan kekayaan alam nasional di sana. Terusterang, pilihannya hanya begini, Otonomi Daerah atau Otonomi Asing? (Masih pada jadi TKI di KALTIM atau sudah punya KTP Singapore ?)
Sampai jumpa.

23 06 2011

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1 04 2014

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